2021 Prospect Rankings: Center Edition. (2/10/21)

*Unofficial height/weight for most prospects unless reported at the Senior Bowl. If reported, height will be rounded up to nearest foot, if over 4/8th (1/2).

ZONE – Blocking an area.

MAN – Blocking a man.

Scheme Versatile (SV) – Implies Player could play both.

1.) David Moore – 6’2″ 350 lbs.

“Wingspan is less of a requirement at Center which is why Moore takes C1 in this year’s class for me. As mentioned in his Guard eval, he has sudden pop out of his stance and converts that to power, which he converts to moving people backwards. He’s virtually an immovable object once he has his hands on a defender and squats. Lateral quickness and more specifically, awareness during chaotic blitz packages or DL stunts, are something you can’t project unless seen enough on his Grambling State tape. These are questions NFL teams will find out in the coming months about Moore. (SV)”

2.) Landon Dickerson – 6’6″ 340 lbs.

“Dickerson is well known and probably the most coveted iOL in the draft. He could be C1 as well. He has the leadership skills, I.Q., and physical talent to be All Pro. He has excellent length and moves well for his size. Shows great awareness passing off defenders to teammates during high alert DL games and stunts. He’s an incredibly impressive prospect. Your best skillset is sometimes your availability though. Dickerson has to stay healthy for all of the projections to come into fruition. (SV)”

3.) Quinn Meinerz – 6’3″ 320 lbs.

“Meinerz is one of those players that plays well when he knows he has room to fail. I may be wrong but post snap Center seems to be one of the more assisted OL positions there is. Meinerz at Center is unfair because he can really hold his own 1v1. He’s country strong and competitive. Great communicator and movement ability. He shows great effort blocking downfield on the second level to spring runs for larger gains. Love his tenacity. He can get too squatty and overpowered and beat with length and quickness laterally. Overall a great small school gem. (SV)”

4.) Creed Humphrey – 6’5″ 312 lbs.

“Humphrey is most evaluators C1 or C2. I see limitations with his arm length and anchor. Outside of that, he is Top 2. He’s smart and can move. Can set his feet and shoot hands all while maintaining superb body control. Good knee bender that’s comfortable in space. (SV)”

5.) Josh Myers – 6’4″ 312 lbs.

“Myers has a good anchor and light feet. High character and I.Q. Forecasts the action well, showing great anticipation and instincts. High level production and poise. Love his upside. (SV)”

6.) James Morrisey – 6’3″ 300 lbs.

“I love Morrisey’s technique and form. Sets up pass protection quickly. Stays square to the pass rusher. Can deliver power from his lowers and hands. Athletic enough to get to the second level in the run game. Understand defensive fronts. Can be overwhelmed with size and power on the interior but a great prospect to develop and work with. (SV)”

7.) Trey Hill – 6’4″ 330 lbs.

“Much like Meinerz, Hill excels at being the CENTER of attention. He has ideal size for the position. Stout build. Feet and hands move in unison in his pass sets. Shows effort on the second level and will look to find work and punish defenders. Injuries are a concern but I like Hill as reserve iOL that has starter potential later. Best fit is a Man Blocking Scheme.”

8.) Wyatt Davis – 6’4″ 315 lbs.

“Good overall on the interior. Probably my 11th best Guard too, for previous rankings sake. Good play strength and savvy maneuvering to get in position for blocks. Above average footwork and athleticism working at the second level. Gets sloppy at times and doesn’t show suddenness or great hip fluidity while reaching and sealing. Has some injury concerns. Best fit is a Man Blocking Scheme.”

9.) Brenden Jaimes – 6’5″ 300 lbs.

“Fiesty. Has ability to get position and keep it. Competitive and active. Good hand placement and feet. Showed spunk at the Senior Bowl as an iOL. Needs to get stronger and show more physicality will be a project at the next level. (SV)”

10.) Drake Jackson – 6’2″ 290 lbs.

“Undersized but strong. Good base and knee bend. Very good initial quickness and stays square. Lacks size and bulk. Struggles against huge defenders with bull rush ability. Best fit is a Man Blocking Scheme.”

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