2021 Prospect Rankings: Cornerback Edition (3/16/21)

1.) Jaycee Horn – 6’1″ 205 lbs.

“Jaycee Horn is an apex predator. Lockdown on the outside or slot. Extremely physical and competitive. Better in man than in zone. He sometimes becomes disinterested vs. run and loses leverage and responsibility in zone. Overall the scheme versatility and mentality lands Horn at the top of these rankings.”

2.) Caleb Farley – 6’2″ 197 lbs.

“Farley is feisty and lanky. Doesn’t panic when ball is in the air. I think he’s an outside corner in a zone scheme. He can cover TE’s and bigger WRs. Don’t like him too much in the slot having to bang and cover horizontally. He’s more of a vertical defender that prefers to see what’s in front of him and drive on the ball.”

3.) Patrick Surtain II – 6’1″ 203 lbs.

“Surtain’s size and length are obviously above average. Uses arm length as a recovery tool. Zone corner. Preferably Cover 2. Can guard TE’s. Might even can play safety because he has those traits as well due to his range and physicality. Can get grabby at times and have borderline P.I. calls. Quicker WRs are his kryptonite. Overall a specimen to watch for at the next level. Success will be heavily reliant on scheme.”

4.) Elijah Molden – 5’10” 191 lbs.

“Molden is best in the slot and zone scheme. He is a high I.Q. chess piece that causes disruption in several ways. He’s incredibly instinctive and physical vs. the run and a ball hawk despite his size. Molden can also play safety.”

5.) Eric Stokes Jr. – 6’1″ 194 lbs.

“Stokes was in my Top 5 before the pro day hoopla. You put on the tape and he was the only corner I graded starter level as a Man, Zone, Outside and Slot corner. He can do it all. He understands leverage very well within the concept of his responsibility. Stokes Jr. also provides special teams value. He honestly has worked on lot of his deficiencies but the only thing I’d say is there is no above average physical attributes that add to his game so he has to be locked in 100% of the time.”

6.) Keith Taylor Jr. – 6’2″ 191 lbs.

“Taylor Jr. has excellent recovery speed for a corner his size. He’s extremely competitive and technique driven. He can play man and cover big WRs and TEs. I see him fitting in multi scheme defense. The only place I’d have reservations is putting in in the slot but even then, depending on the matchup it may not be that bad.”

7.) Tyson Campbell – 6’1″ 193 lbs.

“Campbell is an interesting study. I think IF he puts it all together he has the most natural talent to work with. He has size and athleticism to cover any WR in zone or man coverage. He held his own vs. SEC talent. Has above average body control. He needs some coaching and with that should round out his game more. He could be reach his final form by Year 2 or 3 in the league and that should be scary for NFL wideouts.”

8.) Asante Samuel Jr. – 5’10” 184 lbs.

“Competitive ball hawk. Outrageously instinctive. Has Swagger and Confidence. Feisty and Aggressive. Only thing lacking is length and overall stature. That won’t effect anything on most cases until 50/50 ‘moment of truth’ balls come his way when on an island vs. a 6’4 WR.”

9) Tre Brown – 5’10” 188 lbs.

“Brown is versatile. He provides special teams value and slot corner reps. He was highly productive at the Senior Bowl and finished his Senior season on a good note. He can play man and sufficient in zone. All around a solid prospect. His size obviously can be a concern vs. bigger WRs.”

10.) Benjamin St. Juste – 6’3″ 200 lbs.

“St. Juste snuck into my Top 10 solely based on how well he moves at 6’3″ 200 lbs. and the fact that he’s not yet done improving. He has good footwork, backpedal, drive and pairs that with a mean streak when he plays. I like him predominantly in a zone scheme with occasional man responsibilities. He’s an outside corner with the ability to compete in the slot situationally. He struggles vs. shiftier WRs and the horizontal limitations can show.”

(11-45, Jason Pinnock, Zech McPhearson, Trill Williams, Aaron Robinson, Kelvin Joseph , Paulson Adebo, Nick McCloud, Ifeatu Melifonwu, Greg Newsome II, Manny Rugamba, Nate Hobbs, Deommodore Lenoir, Camryn Bynum, Shaun Wade, Tre Norwood, Thomas Graham Jr., Rodarius Williams, Shakur Brown, Tre Avery, Kary Vincent Jr., D.J. Daniel, Ambry Thomas, K.J. Sails, Tay Gowan, Bryce Thompson, Mac McClain III , Olaijah Griffin, Shemar Jean-Charles, Darren Hall, Bryan Mills, Michael Carter II, Avery Williams, Robert Rochell, Devin Taylor, Lorenzo Burns)

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