2021 Prospect Rankings: Defensive Tackle Edition. (2/11/21)

*Unofficial height/weight for most prospects unless reported at the Senior Bowl. If reported, height will be rounded up to nearest foot, if over 4/8th (1/2).

Rough description of Terms to be familiar with (definition may be more broad than shown):

NT – Over Center (0 tech)

4-3 DT – 3 tech to 0 ability.

3-4 DT – 3 tech to 0 ability.

3-4 DE – 5 tech to 3 tech ability.

1.) Christian Barmore – 6’5″ 310 lbs.

“Barmore is most of evaluators unanimous DT1. The gap between he, Nixon or even Onwuzurike is less wide than you think but substantial enough due to Barmore’s size and pass rush ability being the separator. So his ability to get early down pressure on the passer would push him up a draft board as a priority. He’s tall, long and quick out of his stance. Has quickness to either side. Wins mostly with his superior swim move. Can push the pocket and get after the quarterback. He gets pushed back vs. the run more than you’d like He also plays high at times. He’s a essentially a one year wonder as well. Best Fit: 4-3 DT.”

2.) Daviyon Nixon – 6’3″ 305 lbs.

“Nixon is an exciting prospect to watch. He provides rare razzle dazzle to for the most part, a gritty position. His athleticism and I.Q. stands out. Can penetrate upfield and get skinny to accumulate tackles for loss. Shows good instincts to react to blocking schemes. Good strength and hand power. A couple years of good production are on tape. You’d like to see more. Sometimes he gets too pretty and finesse and it effects run fit and gets pushed off the ball. Don’t be surprised if he’s taken high and possible leapfrogs Barmore depending on which team is on the clock and their specific needs from defensive tackle. Best Fit: 4-3 DT, 3-4 DE.”

3.) Levi Onwuzurike – 6’3″ 290 lbs.

“Onwuzurike was a player at the Senior Bowl that had me constantly trying to find #95 with the University of Washington helmet on. L.O. has a strong straight arm. He strikes and sheds and pursues with effort. Plays with good leverage and is agile for his size. Can play much bigger than his size. Recognizes angles and has a high ceiling. Had a ticky tack injury during Senior Bowl. He’s somewhat undersized when considering what size the high end defensive tackles are in the NFL. Best Fit: 3-4 DE.”

4.) Jaylen Twyman – 6’2″ 290 lbs.

“Babyface Twyman is a strong man. He’s a workout warrior and not for nothing but Aaron Donald is his mentor. There’s a high correlation of players who have mentors and players who have above average careers. As a prospect, he sheds and throws offensive linemen around with ease. He’s rarely in a stalemate. Plays with purpose on money downs. Highly aware of how and when to make plays. Powerful upper body. His effort when not involved in the play could improve has to run to the ball regardless. There’s also some hip tightness and overall speed issues. Best Fit: 3-4 DE.)

5.) Alim McNeill – 6’2″ 320 lbs.

“If McNeill had the a little more length and natural pass rush chops he’d be my DT1. He’s that good. He’s a tank that plays a high energy brand of football. Heavy hands that when locked on offensive linemen are able to manipulate the line of scrimmage by simply chucking o-linemen to the side. Level of competition comes up as a concern as well as initial quickness. An athlete but relegated to strictly iDL duties that encompass the 0 though 4i gaps. Best Fit: NT, 4-3 DT, 3-4 DT.)

6.) Jay Tufele – 6’3″ 315 lbs.

“Tufele has a strong upper body. Long arm, one gap defender at his best. Thick frame, absorbs double teams and swallows up ball carriers when tackling. Although he is athletic for his size I see limitations in his knee bend and abililty to consistently be able to move laterally and with quick change of direction. Best Fit: 4-3 DT.)

7.) Tedarrell Slaton – 6’5″ 330 lbs.

“Slaton, this high might be rich for some but I consistently saw him strong arm OL on tape. He pushes the pocket and destroys blocking schemes. Massive and thickly built frame. Rushes the passer well for size and bull rushes with nastiness and power. One of my favorite DL of the draft. Needs to keep conditioned. Has come a long way with his body. I wouldn’t be surprised if he skyrockets up boards and is getting national attention by draft time. Best Fit: 4-3 DT.”

8.) Tommy Tagiai – 6’2″ 300 lbs.

“Tagiai is a hustler. Contantly competes and makes the uncanny play. He controls OL with his powerful grip and makes plays in the backfield. Runs to the ball and shows maximum effort. He’d be a solid rotational high effort impact DL. He honestly deserves to be lower on the list but was just so active on tape. That’s a credit to how hard he plays. He’s a bit squatty and lacks dynamism or any above average trait that stands out. I worry if the game is too big for him and if he’ll adapt to NFL when it’s not all about fun but more about business. Best Fit: 4-3 DT, 3-4 DT.”

9.) Khyiris Tonga – 6’4″ 322 lbs.

“Love Tonga’s story. He’s a space eater. Strong at the point of attack. Can absorb double teams and occasionally beat them for tackles for loss. Has excellent pop and leverage to his game. Played Fullback too for BYU’s short yardage JUMBO package. Can be a bit one dimensional. 1st/2nd down usage. Best Fit: NT, 4-3 DT.”

10.) Osawaru Odighizuma – 6’2″ 280 lbs.

“He’s another guy that showed out at the Senior Bowl. His UCLA tape showed power and a no nonsense operation. He wins with power and length. He wrestled and you that when he duels with OL. It’s an indescribable grind that goes on where Odighizuma’s guile takes over. He improved every year he was in college. He’s most impressive when he’s striking from the 5 technique. He almost at tweener height/weight but his strength makes him belong. I think teams may ask him to either trim down for edge or bulk up to be more useful as a possible one gap fit (3-4 DT/4-3 DT) or just to be able to bang consistently in the trenches. Best Fit: 3-4 End.”

(11-17 Jonathan Marshall, Jordan Scott, Tyler Shelvin, Bobby Brown III, TaQuon Graham, Malik Herring, Tyree Campbell)

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