2021 Prospect Rankings: Fullback Edition (3/19/21)

1.) Ben Mason – 6’3″ 256 lbs.

“Mason is the best traditional FB in this draft. He will knock someone’s block off in the hole and is an ace on special teams. His passion is contagious and should be a late round draft pick or high priority college free agent.”

2.) Tory Carter – 6’0″ 244 lbs.

“Carter is built in the mold of the traditional FB as we know it as well. He provides some the same traits Mason has. He’s incredibly physical and fiery. He provides special teams value and even catches out of the backfield and in the H-Back role.”

3.) Trey Ragas – 5’10” 230 lbs.

“Now Ragas is more of the traditional bigger RB that you use as a FB. Ragas will have to learn the nuances of blocking and dedicate himself to more of a selfless role. He has to become a valuable contributor on special teams as well. This is more experimental. I do believe he could be a RB for a team that value power RBs.”

4.) Brenden Knox – 5’11” 225 lbs.

“Knox is a bona fide RB. If he put on another 10 lbs. I could see him finding a role as a FB as well. Once again this is experimental but I believe he has the mentality to convert if need be.”

5.) John Raine – 6’2″ 230 lbs.

“Raine could also be a convert to TE. He’s somewhat of a tweener. He has blocking and catching ability and can play special teams too.”

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