2021 Prospect Rankings: Offensive Guard Edition. (2/10/21)

*Unofficial height/weight for most prospects unless reported at the Senior Bowl. If reported, height will be rounded up to nearest foot, if over 4/8th (1/2).

ZONE – Blocking an area.

MAN – Blocking a man.

Scheme Versatile (SV) – Implies Player could play both.

1.) Landon Dickerson – 6’5″ 340 lbs.

“Dickerson is a leader. He’s intelligent, he played his best ball on championship teams against elite competition and he’s tougher than $2 steak. He’s comfortable in space and it doesn’t take much for him to blow a linebacker up. Can reach and seal off a defender in either direction. Injuries are a concern and short area change of direction after committing is slow. Overall Dickerson could have tremendous production and longevity if he can stay out of the trainer’s room and on the the field. (SV)”

2.) David Moore – 6’2″ 350 lbs.

“I have not seen him lose a rep egregiously yet. He’s thickly built but athletic with a powerful punch. Shows initial pop out of his stance to stifle his defender and drive him out of a play. Has good hand placement, locks onto defender, shows speed and power to pancake finish often. He struggles to adjust his weight while on the move laterally but he’s a load moving linearly. Also has arms on the shorter side but his quickness and power offsets having to have a monster reach. (SV)”

3.) Trey Smith – 6’5″ 331 lbs.

“Smith will more than likely have the staying power and potential to be the best guard prospect from this draft class eventually. He’s a physical competitor with a lot of attitude. A people mover with good leg drive. Plays with a good base in pass protection, plays stout and with power. He needs to improve his play against dual move defenders. He takes coaching well. Paired with his drive and determination he’s a favorite to rise in the next couple of years. (SV.)”

4.) Alijah Vera-Tucker – 6’4″ 315 lbs.

“Vera-Tucker’s footwork, speed, and communication skills are excellent. Honestly, he may be the fastest iOL to excel in the NFL because of those aforementioned qualities. Very good lateral quickness for the position. Works to sustain and finish his blocks. Arm length, power, and athleticism vs. speed rushers are a concern but look for Vera-Tucker to impress especially in a Zone Blocking Scheme but still very Scheme Versatile.”

5.) Rashawn Slater – 6’3″ 310 lbs.

“As mentioned in his OT evaluation Slater could be a really good Guard at the next level. Plays with low center of gravity and knee bend. Effective on the move. Good body control and balance. Look for this to be a mainstay position for Slater in the future. (SV.)”

6.) Quinn Meinerz – 6’3″ 320 lbs.

“Meinerz is another prospect which I rarely saw him lose any reps. Well toned, sturdy, stout build. Able to bend at the knees and sustain good balance and anchor. Hustles downfield to make extra blocks. Struggles with elite power and athletic ability. Great locker room guy and awesome work ethic. (SV.)”

7.) Josh Myers – 6’4″ 312 lbs.

“I love Myers as a Center but he could be a top notch guard as well. Myers’ football I.Q. and competitive toughness stands out to me. I like his make up. Understands where games and twists are coming from. Communicates well. Well proportioned build and throws his body around pushing piles. Shows above average footwork and reach and seal ability. Not going win in a toe to toe matchup with the elite height/weight/speed rushers and not many iOL do but overall profile for this prospect is promising. (SV)”

8.) Robert Hainsey – 6’4″ 302 lbs.

“As mentioned in his evaluation at OT, Hainsey has some iOL qualities. Love his arm length and technique. Lateral movement ability is underrated. Shows savvy ability to position himself to reach blocks. Not powerful or athletic but gets the job done on tape at a consistent rate. (SV)”

9.) Teven Jenkins – 6’6″ 320 lbs.

“I like Jenkins a lot better as an iOL. A lot of his deficiencies are hidden the closer he gets to Center. The power he exhibits would be amplified and his lack of quickness and mobility in space would be somewhat assisted due to help from his Tackle and Center. Best fit would be a Man Blocking Scheme.”

10.) Carson Green – 6’6″ 319 lbs.

“Green was someone I noticed at the Senior Bowl. During OL vs. DL reps, whether he won or lost, he continued to battle. To start, his size helps generate the power needed to be a people mover. He sticks to his blocks. Struggles vs. quickness. Best Fit would be a Man Blocking Scheme.”

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