2021 Tennessee Titans Draft: Not the only Review You’ll Ever Need but the Only One That Matters. (5/4/21)

ROUND 1 (22) – CB Caleb Farley – 6’2″ 197 lbs. – Virginia Tech (NFL Comp: Antonio Cromartie)

Pros: Extreme Athlete, Sudden change of direction, has long speed and ball skills. Doesn’t panic when ball is in the air. Remains calm, cool, and collected. Can cover bigger WRs and TE’s. Fits in lovely in these schemes: Cover 3, Cover 2, Man. All around DB. Top 3 cornerback in the draft and Top 15 overall talent when healthy.

Cons: Not a horizontal cover guy. For as much linear speed he has, moving laterally is his current kryptonite. Deep overs, drags, posts, even double moves beat him. Shiftier wideouts get the better of him. Seems to have somewhat of an injury bug. Had a significant knee injury in 2017 and more recently he has had multiple surgeries on his back.

Projection: When available, will provide starter level contribution. Aggressive playstyle will be both a strength and weakness. CB1/2 with 60-80% availability. Pro Bowl potential when healthy.

Stat/Metric That Stands Out: A reported 4.28 forty yard dash at 6’2″ 197 lbs. would put him as the pound for pound most explosive player in the league.


ROUND 2 (53) – OL Dillion Radunz – 6’4″ 305 lbs. – North Dakota State (NFL Comp: Matt Feiler)

Pros: Physical Competitor, Knows how to anchor, Can Move and Influence the run game downfield, Versatile OL, Can Play Guard and Center, Zone Scheme Sufficient.

Cons: Undersized to consistently handle power rushers, Will have to adjust to NFL level talent outside of the Senior Bowl experience.

Projection: Will compete at RT and offer iOL help at Guard and even Center. Will be mid-level swing OL at the next level.

Stat/Metric That Stands Out: Won practice player of the Week Award at Senior Bowl.


ROUND 3 (92) – ILB Monty Rice – 6’0″ 233 lbs. – Georgia (NFL Comp: Rennie Curran)

Pros: Straight-line speed, SEC battle tested, “See it Hit It” type, Quick Reaction Player, Will flash on tape moving downhill towards the line of scrimmage, 3-4 ILB.

Cons: Undersized, Has to be clean on most cases because he doesn’t disengage blockers well, Will get Washed on plays too often.

Projection: Provides special teams value initially, could develop into average level starter or spot duty pro. Reserve LB throughout rookie contract.

Stat/Metric/Moment That Stands Out: Attempted to cover Jaylen Waddle downfield as good as LB could in his matchup vs. Alabama in 2020 (2nd Qrtr: 5:42 min. mark) Although the pass was underthrown.


ROUND 4 (100) – DB Elijah Molden – 5’10” 192 lbs. – Washington (NFL Comp: Budda Baker)

Pros: Disruptive when moved all around the defense, Incredibly Aggressive vs. the Run, Twitchy in Zone Responsibility, Understands Leverage within a Concept, High Football I.Q. Would excel in a heavy zone blitz scheme.

Cons: Size, Length, Rib injury, soft tissue injuries here and there.

Projection: Starting nickelback to all around reserve defensive back at multiple positions in the secondary. Pro Bowl on Rookie Contract.

Stat/Metric/Moment: 2019 vs. USC in the 3rd Quarter 5:48 minute mark, he intercepts QB Matt Fink in the red zone. It was a very impressive play where he seems to peel off of coverage to reach back and snagged the pick with two hands.


ROUND 4 (109) – WR Dez Fitzpatrick – 6’2″ 208 lbs. – Louisville (NFL Comp: Travis Fulgham/Justin Hunter)

Pros: Wiry Frame, Suddenness to His Game that Pairs Well with His Size, Solid Pair of Hands, I have Travis Fulgham as a comp but I see Justin Hunter in his game too.

Cons: Not Elite at one particular skill, Average Speed and Quicks, Separation may be an Issue on Underneath Routes, Not his fault but two VALUABLE Day 3 picks were used to draft him when he probably would’ve been available later. That decision could have ripple effects for years to come when you think about it but we’ll see.

Projection: Will be a solid WR3/4 throughout rookie contract.

Stat/Metric/Moment: Had several impressive reps at the Senior Bowl. Averaged 19.4 yards per catch his last season at Louisville.

GRADE: D+ (mainly because of draft capital used)

ROUND 4 (135) – DE Rashad Weaver – 6’4″ 259 lbs. – Pittsburgh (NFL Comp: Jason Babin)

Pros: Advanced pass rush plan for a rookie, Studies OL tendencies and actually capitalize on their weaknesses, 4-3 Advantaged.

Cons: Pre-Draft Incident has current status in limbo, Athletically Maxed Out, Low Ceiling, Elbow and Knee Injury history.

Projection: Pending – If cleared to play, should be an above average rotational DE.

GRADE: Tape Grade/Draft Capital Used a Pending B. (Currently, an obvious F)

ROUND 6 (205) – WR Racey McMath – 6’3″ 215 lbs. – LSU (NFL Comp: None)

Pros: Big WR, 4.39 speed, Special Teamer with gunner value, I will leave reservation out for a possible fringe roster contributor anything other than that would be the largest improvement from a wideout ever.

Cons: Not a fully developed WR by any means, When you watch tape you barely see a collegiate WR so just imagine the Pro opinion.

Projection: Developmental WR6 with ST value as a blocker and gunner. This evaluation means he gets released or barely becomes a practice player.

Stat/Metrics/Moment: 4.39 forty.


ROUND 6 (215) – FS Brady Breeze – 6’0″ 197 lbs. – Oregon (NFL Comp: Donnie Nickey)

Pros: Has some Rangy traits, Sticks his nose in the pile vs. the Run, Split Safety, Zone Sufficient.

Cons: Athleticism, Size.

Projection: Released, ST gunner, Practice Squad.

StatsMetrics/Moments: 2020 Rose Bowl MVP – 11 tackles, 31 yard Fumble Return for TD.




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