2021 Titans UDFA Tracker: Who’s Who? Who has a legitimate chance to make the Roster? (5/4/21)

UDFA deals usually aren’t official until you see them on the field. These are REPORTED SIGNINGS at the very least you can trust the Tennessee Titans have significant INTEREST in these talents. I will update as more players are signed.

Having watched over 900+ prospects for the 2021 Draft Class, the BARNES UNIVERSITY Ranking stamp of approval is one you can rely on. No one values accountability as much as this brand.


RB Mekhi Sargant – Iowa – 5’8″ 208 lbs.

BU Rank: RB20

Pros: Low Center of Gravity, Good not Great Speed, High Effort Competitor, Packs Some Lower Body Drive and Power

Cons: Long Speed, Quick Twitch Ability and Suddenness

Making Roster? Probably not. Depending on who else Tennessee brings in he could be preserved as a practice squad candidate. Although there are hurdles, there IS a role for him in professional football as a spark plug RB somewhere. (1%)

TE Briley Moore-McKinney – Kansas State – 6’4″ 240 lbs.

BU Rank: TE18

Pros: Movement for His Size is Exceptional, Run After Catch is Impressive, Offers some Positional Flexibility as H-Back/FB/Flex TE

Cons: Has Some Stiffness in His Hips, Average Blocker, Significant Injury History

Making Roster? Moore-McKinney has been injured on and off in his career. When healthy, he is fun to watch. He’s scrappy and has good football instincts. But his lack of length and size will show when asked to block larger men and eventually when his catch radius is challenged. (5%)

TE Miller Forristall – Alabama – 6’5″ 241 lbs.

BU Rank: TE25

Pros: Willing Blocker, Length

Cons: Athleticism, Any Above Average Receiving Traits that Transfer to the NFL well

Making Roster? Forristall was primarily used at Alabama as a blocking TE. Could he stick around in that role? Sure, but why would you sign a rookie TE just to block when there are veterans out there that do it better? (0%)

OL Chandon Herring – BYU – 6’7″ 307 lbs.

BU Rank: OL40

Pros: Length, Assignment Sound, Has Enough Movement Skills to Work within his Area

Cons: Physical Limitations as a Consistent NFL Level Blocker

Making Roster? Herring looks THIN and NARROW on tape. He has length going for him and that’s about it. The NFL power will be a problem for him. (1%)

FB Tory Carter – LSU – 6’0″ 245 lbs.

BU Rank: FB3

Pros: Physicality, Energy and Effort, Provides H-Back and Inline TE usage vs. lighter defensive fronts.

Cons: Not an elite athlete but how many Fullbacks Are? Usage for Fullbacks are limited and Titans already have their guy.

Making Roster? It comes down to numbers and experience and Khari Blasingame beats him there. Unless he converts to LB in a surprise position switch, it’s a slim chance he makes the team. (1%)

G Cole Banwart – Iowa – 6’4″ 300 lbs.

BU Rank: iOL19

Pros: Grip Strength, FB I.Q., Impressive Footwork for His Size, Finishes his Blocks, Can Play Both Guard Spots, Smart Enough to try Center

Cons: Overall Control as a Puller, Ability to Generate Power Naturally, Athleticism

Making Roster? I honestly think he has a shot at, at least practice squad or fringe guy. He’s a very sturdy player. (20%)


OLB Justus Reed – Virginia Tech – 6’3″ 253 lbs.

BU Rank: OLB40

Pros: Decent Linear Takeoff, First Step Covers Ground, Has some sack production, 6.5 sacks this past season, Some were coverage sacks but showed the ability to at least secure them.

Cons: Doesn’t have great body control, Lacks true bend, Will not anchor and set the edge consistently at the next level.

Making Roster? Overall with Reed, I see an athlete that doesn’t make an NFL roster. (10%)

DT Naquan Jones – Michigan State – 6’3″ 313 lbs.

BU Rank: DT21

Pros: Great Initial Pop, Can Shock and Shed Well

Cons: Lacks Elite Power, Very little Push, Resorts to Uncontrolled Rush Plans as Opposed to Using Technique, Raw

Making Roster? I may be too low on him but I don’t see the Titans dressing Jones in a regular season game, at this point but I wouldn’t rule out practice squad. (5%)


P James Smith – Cincinnati – 6’5″ 231 lbs.

BU Rank: P5

Pros: Great Personality (yes that’s a part of eval), Above Average Leg Power

Cons: Inconsistent Technique and Ball Placement

Making Roster? Even if Kern were to get hurt, Smith was too inconsistent for me on tape and at the Senior Bowl. Could he improve? Sure, but then you’re counting on a Punting GOAT in Kern, not to be available for you to have a chance. (0%)

K Blake Haubeil – Ohio State – 6’4″ 233 lbs.

BU Rank: K1

Pros: Consistent Operation, Can Makes Kicks From Several Different Land Marks, Has a Strong Swing, Lift and Drive

Cons: Touchback Percentage was Low but that could be because coaches asked him to keep the ball in the field of play, Very Few Technical or Physical Issues with Haubeil, Didn’t have a Volume of Kicks

Making Roster? Those that follow me know I’ve been captain of the Blake Haubeil K1 train for quite sometime. (Probably one of very few) He’s just a mature and reliable player that’s going to knock down kicks consistently. I think he wins the kicker job. (85%)

Don’t be Surprised: K Blake Haubeil, G Cole Banwart / Longshots: Justus Reed, Briley Moore-McKinney

MY TOP UDFAS I would’ve paid PREMIUM DOLLAR to ATTAIN: (I like all of them obviously but Priority means Priority)

QB Brady Davis

*WR Jonathan Adams Jr.

*WR Cade Johnson

*WR Marlon Williams

WR Connor Wedington

WR T.J. Simmons

*DB Dicaprio Bootle

*RB Javian Hawkins

*RB Rakeem Boyd

*RB Asim Rose

RB Josh Johnson

RB Otis Anderson Jr.

*FB Carl Tucker

*TE Shaun Beyer

TE Daniel Crawford

G Sam Cooper

*DB Ar’Darius Washington

*S Paris Ford

CB Nick McCloud

S Tyler Coyle

DB Trill Williams

S Eric Burrell

*CB Manny Rugamba

CB Mac McCain

S D’Angelo Amos

CB K.J. Sails

DT Josiah Bronson

DE Malik Herring

DE Raymond Johnson III

*LB Curtis Robinson

LB Dorian Etheridge

LB Ky’el Hemby

*OLB Hamilcar Rashed Jr.

OLB Charles Snowden

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