1. Tyler Linderbaum (Iowa) 6’2″ 300 lbs.

Man on a mission. Elite quickness and movement ability. Fundamentally sound athlete. True OL technician. Understands angles and leverage so he rarely is caught out of position. Has only allowed 2 sacks in his career. Power rushers with length could cause him problems but other than that we’re looking at a player made for his position.

2. Zion Johnson (Boston College) 6’3″ 310 lbs.

As I stated in his guard evaluation (see 2022 Guard Rankings) Johnson can play center. He has the perfect size/agility/intelligence combo to be great here.

3. Luke Fortner (Kentucky) 6’4″ 307 lbs.

Love Fortner’s technique and poise. Never panics or rushes. Always seems to be in control. Smooth mover with strong grip. Has shown the ability to pick up on coaching quickly. Outstanding pass protection. Concerns arise when going up against speed to power rushers but in his vaccum he does a good job anchoring.

4. Dawson Deaton (Texas Tech) 6’5″ 306 lbs.

High FB I.Q. Good initial quickness and the line. Strong heavy hands. Highly aware of games and stunts from the defensive line. Not a bulldozer but assignment sound.

5. Cam Jurgens (Nebraska) 6’3″ 303 lbs.

Frenetic blocker with a nasty streak. Excellent tenacity and quickness off snap. Hand placement and positioning is a strength. Does not possess power in the run game to move people. Anchor doesn’t always hold up in pass pro either. Overall love the hustle from Jurgens but will need to continue to learn the tricks of the trade at Center to circumvent the physical limitations.

6. Chris Owens (Alabama) 6’2″ 315 lbs.

Big game experience and High FB I.Q. Big time anchor and run blocking. Needs to refine his technique in pass pro and play with better leverage.

7. Dohnovan West (Arizona State) 6’4″ 300 lbs.

Elite mover. Can pull/trap and reach/seal. Very Athletic for the position. Narrow build and lacks power. Not a people mover.

8. James Empey (BYU) 6’4″ 303 lbs.

Coach’s son. Plays like a veteran. Assignment and technique sound. Not a great a great athlete with marginal play strength.

9. Alec Lindstrom (Boston College) 6’3″ 297 lbs.

Good pass blocking center. Anchors in and controls defenders. Can get undisciplined in his hand placement. Creates no push in the run game.

10. Liam Shanahan (LSU) 6’4″ 305 lbs.

Smart. Balanced, fundamentally sound, physical playstyle. Will lose to superior athletes too often but has sufficient upside due to coachability.

(11-19: Paul Grattan, Connor Olson, Zach Tom, Jack Wohlabaugh, Cole Bentley, Nick Ford, Cole Strange, Brock Hoffman, Matt Allen)

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