1. Zion Johnson (Boston College) 6’3″ 312 lbs.

I haven’t seen a more clean character profile in quite some time. Great athlete with high level instinct and technique. Very intelligent. He could get reps at Center. He’s strong but his play strength is moderate. He’s not huge so power players can get the best of him at times.

2. Kenyon Green (Texas A+M) 6’4″ 323 lbs.

Long build with good play speed. Physical SEC talent that had his fair share of dominating moments. Green has a good base and anchor with exceptional run blocking prowess. He has to improve overall footwork and timing as a pass protector.

3. Sean Rhyan (UCLA) 6’4″ 321 lbs.

Rhyan joins only a handful of OL who could legitimatey be a Top 5 talent at multiple positions within the offensive line. Powerful hands, intelligent angles and above average short area burst make him one the better run blockers in this draft class. I like him in a vacuum more than I do in space.

4. Jamaree Salyer (Georgia) 6’3″ 314 lbs.

Competitive natured prospect that gets it. SEC, Big Game and Talent tested. Versatile player. Played C, G, and T. Salyer wins with leverage. He’s a people mover. Somewhat of a dancing bear. He’s inconsistent with hand placement in pass pro and gets quicksand feet vs. power rushers which he’ll need to improve. Coaching will be key. His SPARQ score may not excite but regardless of his testing he’s a ball player that’s ready to dominant when puts the pads on.

5. Tyrese Robinson (Oklahoma) 6’3″ 317 lbs.

I like Robinson in a Zone Heavy Run Blocking scheme. He has the finesse and instincts to naturally find angles and execute in space. TRob has a strong upper body and his base is strong enough to anchor. He has issues with quickness and power but should win more than he loses. Needs to finish his blocks better as well.

6. Thayer Munford (Ohio State) 6’5″ 328 lbs.

Has the footwork and size to be a solid guard. Love his experience and I.Q. He wins with effort and assignment sound execution. He’s just not the athlete you’d like projecting him at the next level. You also want to see more nastiness. Admittedly Munford will probably be one of the most fluid OL moving on my board. Which will probably be more down the ranks than up.

7. Ja’Tyre Carter (Southern) 6’3″ 311 lbs.

Strong sturdy base. Has the quickness and strength to be functional at the next level. Will have to adjustment to the consistent size, strength and speed of NFL caliber talent. He’s a worthy project player who should make a practice squad and develop nicely.

8. Dylan Parham (Memphis) 6’3″ 312 lbs.

Will compete his butt off. Strong anchor. Foit quickness and hand usage are strengths. High FB I.Q. Lacks the length and power to really move the needle draft stock wise. Needs to get meaner abd keep pad level low. Will have some staying power due to his competence and effort though.

9. Braxton Jones (Southern Utah) 6’5″ 310 lbs.

Tall, long, technique sound blocker. Offers a good anchor and competitive drive. Not the power player you’d like in the run gamd but plays it smart with leverage, angles, and instinct. Will have an adjust to NFL level athleticism on the defensive side of the ball.

10. Logan Bruss (Wisconsin) 6’5″ 309 lbs.

The usual nasty, high effort Wisconsin lineman. Good not great anchor. Wins with crafty technique and finish. Has head in swivel and understands defensive fronts better than most prospects in this range. Will struggle with NFL power and quickness but will be a roster consideration due to I.Q.

(11-22: Lecitus Smith, Darrian Kinnard, Luke Goedeke, Zach Thomas, Blaise Andries, Cole Strange, Ed Ingram Chris Paul, Marquis Hayes, Cade Mays, Cordell Volson, Bill Dinkle)

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