(These are rankings based on current information acquired. Subject to be updated in a different article and assuming all prospects declare for the draft. Thanks for reading and enjoy!)

*NFL Player Comparisons (Comps) are NOT career arcs but more so play style and archetype category. It’s a good way to envision how a player may look in a certain scheme, their best usage or their mannerisms during game situation. *

*[2021 Season TD/INTs]

1.) Malik Willis (Liberty) 6’0″ 215 lbs. – Deshaun Watson

The best runner at the position AND the strongest arm in the draft? Yeah, sign Malik Willis up for QB1. Most will talk about stereotypical accuracy issues that usually come with uber athletic QB’s, but Willis shows very little signs of making that narrative a reality. He has above average accuracy and ball placement. Then of course will come the level of competition jeers, although they may be warranted, it means very little in context to what kind of player we’re talking about. Willis is essentially a SEC QB who chose to play in a less competitive conference. His growth curve won’t be that steep. Like Watson, he can extend plays and if need be use his running ability to create big gains on the ground. Coaching is desperately needed to improve nuance and processing but all signs point to that being achievable. He excels with elite arm strength and twitchy ability as a runner. He has a solidly built frame and crazy upside. [27 TDs, 12 INTs]

2.) Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh) 6’3″ 220 lbs. – Teddy Bridgewater

Pickett is consistent at what he does and who he is. Let me explain. In a very volatile QB class it’s important to identify players who have upside and the players whose tape consistently shows you translatable skill. Pickett checks the box at almost every QB trait you want at a baseline professional level. Nothing in my opinion is elite about his skillset but it’s at least serviceable. He’s a fiery leader with game manager poise. He and Bridgewater share more than being part of the ‘2 Glove Gang’ both QBs intelligently use their mobility as a weapon. Pickett shows great understanding of play diagnostics and execution. He possesses sufficient arm strength but his superpower is grit. I’ll admit I’m not as high on the ceiling of KP but he’ll compete. This class will be dubbed the Year of The Backup because there are so many QB’s who can, at the minimum, be themselves and offer something to a team albeit in a reserve role. [42 TDs, 7 INTs]

3.) Matt Corral (Mississippi) 6’1″ 205 lbs. – Tyler Huntley

Corral is tough. He also at times was a very TOUGH watch on tape. He throws the best slants of this class but is very inconsistent with his deep ball accuracy. His mobility is a strength and that helps his game tremendously. We’re seeing players like Huntley emerge now, smaller QBs with athletic traits that can improv. If Corral wants an NFL role that would be it. Him being at this QB3 spot is a combination of big game SEC battle scars, mobility and banking on him sorting through his throwing deficiencies. If he DOES NOT do that, his draft stock plummets. Players like Strong and Ridder will leapfrog him and skyrocket up draft boards. [20 TDs, 5 INTs]

4.) Bailey Zappe (W. Kentucky) 6’1″ 220 lbs. – Case Keenum

There’s something special about Zappe. He’s poised and super competitive. He’s compact in stature and built with a sturdy base. He can drive throws even though his arm strength isn’t like the other highly touted names. He reminds me of about 4 different QBs in one. The list includes a less athletic Zach Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton and of course Keenum. That comp may raise eyebrows but contextually Keenum was a bit before his time coming from an Air Raid offense in college to pro style systems in the NFL. You do the research. Now I think BOTH can operate an NFL offense efficiently. Zappe will have to improve his urgency and pocket manipulation at the next level since he faced little to no pressure collegiately. He’s a player that I could see rising once teams get him on the whiteboard. [62 TDs, 11 INTs]

(-4) 2/18 Rank #8.

5.) Carson Strong (Nevada) 6’4″ 215 lbs. – Jared Goff

Strong is another player that I believe could climb if he tests well enough at the Senior Bowl. He has to show consistency and stand out mentally in Mobile. If he does that, you could be talking about him being the QB2 of this draft class in my opinion. There’s still a lot to learn about Strong but at his floor he could be similar to Goff but I must admit I saw glances of Phillip Rivers too. He has the second strongest arm of this draft class and a ton of potential as a traditional pocket QB. His main limitation is his athleticism. [36 TDs, 8 INTs]

(+1) 2/18 Rank #4.

6.) Desmond Ridder (Cincinnati) 6’3″ 215 lbs. – Daniel Jones

Ridder has everything you want in the aesthetic of a QB but lacks the substance you want in a franchise changer. He has sneaky running ability and a high enough I.Q. to operate an offense effectively. The Jones comp is perfect to me because both QBs possess immense untapped potential and underrated movement skills. Arm strength is not an issue. However, his accuracy issues at all levels on the field is a big problem that needs to be worked on during his draft process and training. Another QB that with a good pre-draft showing could be in the Top 3 QB discussion. [30 TDs, 8 INTs]

(+1) 2/18 Rank #5.

7.) Brock Purdy (Iowa St.) 6’1″ 220 lbs. – Gardner Minshew II

I’m higher on Purdy than most. His mistakes get highlighted a lot but in between those gaffes, he’s a pretty good QB. He’s a guy that won’t have the expectation of being a starter but will surprise people and vie for reps as a legitimate backup. He’s an exceptional pocket wizard with off schedule playmaking ability and there’s the Minshew likeness. In a class like this, that kind of utility and security is promising. Remember consistently being something is better than consistently being nothing. [19 TDs, 8 INTs]

(-2) 2/18 Rank #9.

8.) Sam Howell (North Carolina) 6’1″ 225 lbs. – Taysom Hill

I expect Howell to change my mind as the draft process goes on but for now, I see a guy with Baker Mayfield mechanics and Taysom Hill’s penchant to run. I’m not going to lie he’s a crafty and physical runner but what is he as a prospect exactly? A read option guy or a pure scrambler? His passing is inconsistent so that makes him easy to gameplan against. Even in the years he had a supporting cast, his operation was faulty. He needs to work on the details and nuance of the position. Once he figures it out, he could become a viable starting QB option. [24 TDs, 9 INTs]

(+2) 2/18 Rank #6.

9.) Cole Kelley (SE Louisiana) 6’7″ 260 lbs. – John Skelton

Kelley is a massive human being. He played in the SEC for two seasons and did moderately well too with the limited reps he got. He has a big arm and above average accuracy. His biggest obstacle is going to be teams getting comfortable with his weight and adjusting to the unicorn that he is. Most will have to go into the archives to recognize the comp used but Skelton is a solid archetype for what Kelley could be and hopefully exceed. I can easily see him getting an opportunity in state with the Saints and impressing enough to stick around NFL transaction wires for years to come. [44 TDs, 10 INTs]

(+2) 2/18 Rank #7.

10.) Kaleb Eleby (W. Michigan) 6’1″ 210 lbs. – Logan Woodside

Eleby has some impressive arm talent traits that usually give late round-undrafted prospects a chance. Plus, he did it at a high level for multiple seasons. He was able to get the ball to NFL level talent downfield consistently. However, he’s not an athlete whatsoever. It would add to his appeal substantially if he could run. At this point he’s an undersized statue QB with decent arm strength. Woodside has carved out a backup role in the NFL with similar ability. If there are any signs of elite recall or unique intangibles, he could surprise and be drafted earlier. [23 TDs, 6 INTs]

(QBs 11-30: Eric Barriere, Chase Garbers, Skylar Thompson, Nick Starkel, Aqeel Glass, Jake Bentley, Levi Lewis, Jack Coan, Dustin Crum, Zerrick Cooper, D’Eriq King, Chris Oladokun, Drew Plitt, Jarrett Guarantano, Anthony Brown, Brandon Peters, McKenzie Milton, E.J. Perry, Mike Beaudry, Zeb Noland.)

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