(These are rankings based on current information acquired. Subject to be updated in a different article and assuming all prospects declare for the draft. Thanks for reading and enjoy!)

*NFL Player Comparisons (Comps) are NOT career arcs but more so play style and archetype category. It’s a good way to envision how a player may look in a certain scheme, their best usage or their mannerisms during game situation. *

*[2021 Carries/Yards/TDs]

1. Breece Hall – 6’1″ 220 lbs. (Iowa St.) – Shawn Alexander

Breece Hall leads this very multi-dimensional RB class. Hall possesses high level change of direction. Zone centric runner. Knows how to get skinny through holes. He’s sequential as a runner and is often times two or three steps ahead of the defense. Confident and patient. Forced 74 missed tackles and had 22 runs over 15+ yards which ranked Top 10 amongst eligible RBs. He’s more fluid than exceptionally explosive, has thin calves, and an almost a top-heavy build which often lead to knee injuries. Overall, he’s a pure starter level RB. [251 carries, 1460 yards, 20 TDs.]

2. Kenneth Walker III – 5’9″ 210 lbs. (Michigan St.) – David Montgomery

Walker III will win with his combination of physicality and suddenness at the next level. Good kid. Stocky build. Finishes his runs with power. Gap scheme dominant. Short area juke package is impressive. Vision is above average but does try to bounce outside too soon at times. Had the most yards after contact (1168 yards) and most forced missed tackles (89) in 2021. Had blood clots in high school and with the current climate of medicine it’s something to monitor. He’s also not as flexible as you’d like. Has long speed but isn’t phenomenal moving laterally. A legitimate question is, “has he peaked physically yet?” [262 carries, 1634 yards, 18 TDs.]

3. Kyren Williams – 5’9″ 199 lbs. (Notre Dame) – Nyheim Hines

The utility of Williams will help his stock tremendously in a class that has several standard RBs. Good in a man blocking scheme. Kyren adds value in the return game. Tough kid. Excellent vision. Pass protection. Return ability. A FOOTBALL PLAYER. Size is a minus, and he doesn’t possess blazing speed but will compete for starter reps. [204 carries, 990 yards, 14 TDs.]

4. Isaiah Spiller – 6’1″ 215 lbs. (Texas A+M) – DeMarco Murray

There’s a part of me that believes if Spiller fills out his frame with leaner muscle and proportionate bulk, he could be the best RB from this draft class eventually. He runs with a violence, tenacity and urgency that makes him tough to deal with on a down to down basis. Excels in a Zone Scheme. Yards after contact and elusiveness is his calling card. Has great hands. They’re small but strong and he’s confident enough in them to catch the ball. Doesn’t have elite level burst or separation. I want to learn more about his background and character to further solidify the profile. [178 carries, 1016 yards, 6 TDs.]

5. Tyler Allgeier – 5’10” 220 lbs. (BYU) – James Robinson

The best way to describe Allgeier’s running style is two adjectives that don’t usually go together – smooth power. There isn’t anything flashy about his game, but he has tremendous college production. Zone proficient. [275 carries, 1611 yards, 23 TDs.]

6. Brian Robinson Jr. – 6’1″ 225 lbs. (Alabama) – James Starks

One word that comes to mind when watching Robinson Jr. is “downhill bruiser.” Protects the football – no fumbles in 2021. Balanced production on gap and zone concepts. Not a burst athlete. Longest run is 37 yards. Not quite Marshawn Lynch or Javonte Williams but he will help establish a physical tone. [271 carries, 1343 yards, 14 TDs.]

7. Kennedy Brooks – 5’11” 215 lbs. (Oklahoma) – Alfred Morris

Brooks is not going to impress you with quick twitch jukes or uber athleticism. Had success in multiple run blocking schemes. He excels with patience, vision and burst. His contact balance is one of the best of the class and he competes, and finishes plays with the showmanship you want out of an RB. 25 carries of 15+ runs (5th in the nation.) He lacks long speed and only has an average overall build but should be a solid RB between the 20’s. [197 carries, 1255 yards, 13 TDs.]

8. Dameon Pierce – 5’9″ 212 lbs. (Florida) – Mike Davis

Other than size there’s not much to dislike about Pierce. A clear riser in this draft class. Tone setter. Enthusiastic runner. Multi scheme usage. Doesn’t have much tread on his tires since he only got 329 career carries in four seasons at Florida. Not much usage but made the most of his carries. [100 carries, 574 yards, 13 TDs.]

9. Jerome Ford – 5’10” 209 lbs. (Cincinnati) – Sony Michel

Ford took his 2021 starting opportunity and ran with it. Got up for the big games and performed well. Has a sufficient NFL gear. Gap scheme is his strength. Not a natural receiver. One year of production. [214 carries, 1307 yards, 19 TDs.]

10. Ty Chandler – 5’10” 203 lbs. (North Carolina) – Tony Pollard

Elite elusive rating. Excellent contact balance and burst. Top 5 sequential runner in the class. He sets up blocks and instinctively pairs movements with a specific end game in mind. Balanced scheme usage. One year of major contribution. [183 carries, 1097 yards, 13 TDs.]

(11-40: James Cook, Tyler Badie, ZaQuandre White, Jashaun Corbin, Ronnie Rivers, D’Vonte Price, Tyrion Davis-Price, Tyler Goodson, Ricky Person, Calvin Turner, Rachaad White, T.J. Pledger, Abram Smith, CJ Verdell, Max Borghi, Trestan Ebner, Keontay Ingram, Zamir White, Jerrion Ealy, Pierre Strong Jr., Zonavan Knight, Master Teague III, Kevin Harris, Devin Wynn, Cam’ron Harris, Sincere McCormick, Demondre Tuggle, Stephen Carr, Jah Maine Martin, John Lovett)

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