2024 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings: Center Edition (4/21/24)

Welcome to the 2024 NFL Prospect Rankings: Center Edition.

Player Comp = *(Playstyle Not Career Projection)

*[Scheme Strength/Ideal Position]

1.) Jackson Powers-Johnson – 6’3″ 328 lbs. (Damien Woody)

JPJ has excellent pass and run block grades. Smart. Pass sets well with active awareness and hand usage. 0 sacks, 3 hurries, and 1 hit relinquished over the past three seasons.

Plays too high sometimes. Has to have better leverage. Injury during the Senior Bowl.

Jackson Powers-Johnson is being overthought here in the final stretch of this 2024 draft cycle. Mainly because of more athletic potential exterior OL converts vying for that top center spot. Centers have to be able to move but not that much. JPJ has more than enough movement ability to play well and is firmly in place as Center 1 going into the draft. [Zone/Center]

2.) Graham Barton (G) – 6’5″ 313 lbs. (Nick Hardwick)

Barton has been all over these offensive line rankings and that says something. That’s why all of these multi-dimensional offensive linemen will be off the board early. You can see Barton’s interior offensive linemen traits under the 2024 Guard ranking/tier list. [Zone]

*Honorary Center Converts: #3 Mason McCormick (G), #4 Troy Fautanu (T/G), #5 Jordan Morgan (T/G)

3.) Zach Frazier (G) – 6’3″ 313 lbs. (Stefen Wisniewski)

Frazier understands angles and seal block leverage. Tough.

Needs to work on anticipation of moves. Be firmer on pass sets. Dealing with NFL power and quickness. Grip strength. Athleticism on field.

Starting off Tier 2, Frazier will be the third or fourth center taken come draft time and you can’t really argue against it. He doesn’t have the size or athleticism of the guys ahead of him, but he gets the job done better than the guys he’s ahead of. [gap-zone/Center-guard]

4.) Sedrick Van Pran-Granger (G) – 6’4″ 300 lbs. (Greg Mancz)

SVPG’s size is impressive. SEC level competition. Pass and run block grades. Assignment sound. Athletic for size dimensions.

Raw and developmental. Hand placement. Pass set technique. Awareness of games and stunts from the defensive line. Better overall discipline. Handling NFL power and speed.

SVPG is ball of ability that hasn’t found its bounce. The traits are there. He seems coachable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a valuable piece of an interior offensive line in the future even if it’s not at center. [Zone-gap/center-guard]

5.) Drake Nugent – 6’2″ 300 lbs. (Brian Allen)

Nugent has excellent pass and run block grades. Smart. Gap scheme sufficient. Physical. Arm length. Takes savvy angles.

Concerns with Nugent are his overall size and weight. Dealing with power and quickness. Pass set technique.

I’m higher on Nugent than most. I’m betting on his craftiness and physicality. [Gap-zone/Center-guard]

6.) Beaux Limmer (G) – 6’5″ 302 lbs. (Chris Spencer)

Limmer starts Tier 3. He can deal with power. Grip strength. SEC level competition. Gap scheme.

Pass block grades are less than desirable. Pass set technique. Athleticism.

Limmer is strong and that will keep him around as long as he improves as a pass blocker. [Gap-zone/center-right guard]

7.) Tanor Bortoloni (G) – 6’4″ 303 lbs. (Scott Quessenberry)

Bortolini is smart and athletic. Pass block ability. Elite pass block grades at RT and G in 2021.

Bortolini has a problem with over lunging and playing on the top of his toes. He has to stay square. Run blocking. Needs to get stronger and improve grip strength. Power and quickness.

Another fan favorite. Bartolini is incredibly finesse but can be a good swing OL with an NFL weight training program and coaching. [gap-zone/Guard-center]

8.) Hunter Nourzad – 6’3″ 317 lbs. (Jake Andrews)

Nourzad is zone proficient. Good length. Stellar run block grades.

He leans too much. Not much power or push. Pass blocking all around is not good. Center only and would have several limitations at guard.

Nourzad can be good with a team that will be patient with him and has a dire need for players at the position. [Zone-gap/Center]

9.) Dylan McMahon – 6’3″ 300 lbs. (Billy Price)

McMahon starts the ever-changing and tier hopping equipped Tier 4. He’s zone proficient. Has run block ability. Assignment sound. Baseline pass block traits.

Length and leverage are concerns. Has average grades across the board. Struggles dealing with power and speed. Level of competition.

McMahon has a future in professional football. Whether that be the CFL, UFL, or NFL. [Zone-gap/Center]

10.) Matt Lee – 6’4″ 300 lbs. (Corey Levin)

Lee has impressive pass block ability overall. Grades and pass set. Zone proficient. Adaptable to different schemes. He has a lot to work with from a development standpoint.

On field athleticism doesn’t show up that much. Waist bends at times. Needs to get stronger.

Lee is one of my favorite Centers in the draft. He’s in the same tier that would include Raym, Turner III and Eguakun. In my opinion, a few of those guys, including Lee could very well be better than 3 or 4 of the guys ahead of them. Experience, injuries, body type are all factors in play. Lee at 7, Turner III at 8, Bortolini at 9, Nourzad at 10 is one of my bolder takes of the cycle. [Zone-gap/Center]

Andrew Raym, Charles Turner III, Kingsley Eguakun, Will Putnam, Hayden Gillum, Nick Samac, Justin Dedich, Cole Spencer, Michael Jurgens, Bucky Williams

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