My Titans Offensive Coordinator List (Keep Reading for Bonus Lists: 1/10/23)

Here’s a myriad of different coaches and ideas the Tennessee Titans could entertain during this hiring cycle. Enjoy! If inspired or intrigued feel free to share, like and follow. @BU_Scouting. Thanks!

First Priority – But Competition to Sign

Frank Reich – Former Colts Head Coach

“He should absolutely be rehired at some point as Head Coach and will get interviews. If he isn’t hired and doesn’t choose to take time off this should be one of two of the Titans’ first phone calls. He’s one of the better teachers and human beings in the sport. His system would fit most quarterbacks. His operation and nuanced coaching will elevate any team offensively. Albeit with talent on the roster.”

Bill O’Brien – Current Alabama OC

“I don’t fear or stray away from strong personality types. I hear this a lot with O’Brien, “He has a complex.” Or he’s difficult to work with. 1.) Only the people he works with truly knows how he is as a coworker. 2.) Not everyone is going to like you and sometimes it’s out of your control. 3.) There are two (or more) sides to any story. 4.) A team with a .490-win percentage should be open to any reasonable help they can get. O’Brien is one of the more exceptional offensive minds in football. And I believe his time with Saban and being in the collegiate ranks has made him even better. Patriots will come a calling.”

Hire To Same Position

Sean Ryan – Current Panthers QB Coach

“There’s history there with him and Vrabel. I think he’s a great teacher and holds players accountable. He’s been in multiple systems and brings a wealth of ideas to an offensive room.”

Dave Canales – Seahawks QB Coach

“High energy. Former WR coach. Is a culture changer. He uplifts and teaches with clarity.”

Retread Possibilities

Pep Hamilton – Former Texans OC

“I honestly would prefer him to be a QB coach because I think he works wonderfully one on one with players as opposed to being a coordinator. But I believe as an offensive coordinator he’s adaptable and puts his players in the best systems for them to prosper.”

George Godsey – Current Ravens TE Coach

“Godsey has been on my radar for several seasons now. Just a consistent good coach that can teach and push players. He’s also been a part of some interesting offensive schemes.”

Nathaniel Hackett – Former Broncos Head Coach

“Don’t let bad Head Coaching stints deter you away from a good offensive mind. Hackett can still provide value as an assistant.”

Jim Bob Cooter – Current Jaguars Pass Game Coordinator

“JBC has been around the start of three different franchise resurgences. The Lions made the playoffs during his tenure there. Although major success wasn’t established with the Jets for him, he was around during the foundation years. Now recently with the Jaguars he’s been a part of the Trevor Lawrence brain trust. He isn’t considered a whiz but more so competent and at the very least persistent. Respectfully.”

Bill Lazor – Former Bears OC/QB Coach

“Always in Head Coach mode. He sounds like a decision maker. He has an executive mindset when it comes to building an offense. Has worked with several different types of quarterbacks throughout his career.”

Chad O’Shea – Current Browns WR Coach/ Pass Game Coordinator

“Definitely a players’ coach. Goes to bat for his players and is a hard worker.”

Young Up-and-Comers

Andrew Janocko – Current Bears QB Coach

“He’s incredibly sharp and has history working with multiple positions including offensive line and wide receivers.”

Bobby Slowik – Current 49ers Offensive Pass Game Coordinator

“Super green but has an organized approach and has been around some great offensive minds.”

Long Shot Inquiry

Todd Monken – Current Georgia OC

“I have a feeling he’s happy being a 2x National Champion and would like to continue that dominance.”

Brian Hartline – Current Ohio State Pass Game Coordinator/WR Coach

“Wishlist hire at same position or to some capacity. He needs a raise.”

Bill Callahan – Current Browns OL Coach

“I would love to lure him away from Cleveland. It’s unlikely but maybe he’d take a Senior Offensive Assistant Role. Less hands-on work but significant input.”

Mike Munchak – Former Broncos OL Coach

“Obviously this isn’t for offensive coordinator, but it would be a homerun if he wanted to return to Tennessee to coach their offensive line. It’d be a joy to see him in Titans apparel again.”

Secondary Help?

Cory Undlin – Passing Game Specialist/Secondary

Joe Whitt Jr. – Defensive Passing Game Coordinator/Secondary

Cannon Matthews – Quality Control Defense

DeShawn Shead – Current Seahawks Assistant DB Coach

Kerry Coombs – Current Interim Cincinnati HC

In-House Options

Tim Kelly – Current Titans Pass Game Coordinator

“There isn’t much clarity on what Kelly provided or lack thereof this past season as Titans’ pass game coordinator. This interview would truly be internal discussion on what Kelly could possibly build upon with this offensive scheme. Based on Kelly’s history I’m not sure much more but it would provide stability and continuity to an already changing environment.”

Fan’s Delight

John Streicher – Current Titans Football Development Coordinator

“I see fans already putting his name in the General Manager spot. So why not Offensive Coordinator? I know not of the difference between the strenuous details of either at the NFL level but coming from someone (myself) who watches close to 1,000 prospects a year I think fans may have it backwards. It’s incredibly hard to evaluate thousands of players and project their careers so if he’s getting that kind of praise, I’m sure the Swiss-army knife could install, communicate, and intuitively call plays. Right?”



Although I believe the uptick in injuries are not directly related to who the strength and conditioning coach is. Through empirical data, sound minds can discern there are more factors at play. However, the fact of the matter is the Titans are getting hurt too often. Whether that’s personnel based or kinesthetic programming something needs to be audited.

Tom Myslinski – Former Jaguars Strength and Conditioning Coach

Derik Keyes – Vikings Assistant Director of Player Performance

Rodain Delus – Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Greg Carbin – Chiefs Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Joe Distor – Texans Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pat Moorer – Texans Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

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